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Sports rehabilitation in Northampton

If you have suffered an injury that restricts your mobility, get in touch with us at KB Sports Therapy. We provide sports rehabilitation to individuals from Northampton and the surrounding areas.


Diagnosis and treatment of injuries

At KB Sports therapy, we specialise in treating sporting musculoskeletal injuries and common occupational injuries. Anything from arthritis to knee and neck pain, and from pre to post operative treatments. Our goal is to get you moving confidently and back to what you love doing!

We complete a full injury assessment that includes a postural and functional movement assessment before diagnosing your injury. Once your injury is diagnosed, we will discuss the management of your injury and provide a specific treatment and rehabilitation plan

Tailor-made rehabilitation plans

We like to include tailor-made rehabilitation plans to get you moving correctly. We aim to make you stronger for your return to your activities or sports. We believe rehabilitation is key to any injury or condition. These are carried out during your session in our rehabilitation suite. We also like to give you some homework to do at home, so there will be exercises you can do at home and this will help you on your road to recovery.

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A range of services

Sporting injuries
Injury treatment
Occupational injuries
Remedial massage
Injury prevention
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