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At KB Sports Therapy, we have experience in diagnosing a wide range of injuries. Below is a list of common injuries we treat and rehabilitate. However, not all injuries are caused by sports. We see plenty of people suffering with injuries due to leisure and everyday activities such as gardening, DIY work at home and walking. Our day-to-day lifestyles are just as likely to cause a musculoskeletal injury, so don’t be misled by the company name “KB Sports Therapy”. It is a fitting title, but we specialise in all musculoskeletal pain.

Chronic and acute pain
Please see below a list of common injuries we see within our clinic:

✔️Shoulder pain/ strains
✔️Ankle sprains
✔️Knee problems 
✔️Neck pain and whiplash

✔️Lower pain and strains
✔️Frozen shoulder
✔️Shoulder bursitis 
✔️Muscle strains

Some of the injuries listed can be labelled as chronic injuries if you have been suffering with pain for a prolonged period of time. If you fall into the chronic pain category, don’t worry we can help!

Treatment for all conditions

✔️Hamstring strain
✔️Calf strain
✔️Groin strain
✔️Quadriceps strain
✔️Contusion (bruising)
✔️Achilles tendinopathy
✔️Back pain 

✔️Hip flexor strain
✔️Runners knee (ITB friction)
✔️Patellofemoral pain
✔️Shin Splints
✔️Tennis elbow
✔️Golfers elbow

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